Most online casinos have different bonus schemes available, both for new players and for players who have played at the casino for a while. The bonuses that you can get can be roughly divided into three categories. The first category of bonus that you can get is the welcome bonus, which is paid out the moment you play at the casino for the first time. There are also bonuses for returning players and bonuses for people who have made a larger deposit than usual. Sometimes you can participate in special competitions and get a bonus.

The first bonus we just mentioned is the welcome bonus. This is the most common bonus issued by online casinos. After you have completed the registration procedure and created an account for yourself, you can get a certain percentage on top of that first deposit the first time you make a deposit. This is usually a percentage of 100%, with a maximum of €50 or €100. A number of providers offer an even higher bonus or a welcome bonus that you can earn in multiple times. Still, the 100% bonus is the most common and most common bonus.

Most providers of online casinos naturally want to keep their customers as long as possible. As a result, not only is a bonus offered for making a first deposit, but usually a bonus is also made available for making a second or third deposit. This bonus is often slightly lower than the first deposit bonus, but still worth it. Usually in this case a bonus of 50% is awarded, with a maximum of €100. This means that with a deposit of €200 you will receive a bonus of €100. Still worth it and certainly no reason to work with another provider of online casino games.
In addition to the welcome bonus and the bonus for people who make regular deposits, most online casinos sometimes offer bonus material in a different form. This can be, for example, a bonus in the form of free entry to a certain tournament or in the form of free tickets to certain tables. In some cases, free spins are also offered on one of the many slots and slot machines that are often available in online casinos.
A bonus for playing in an online casino often has several forms, but always serves to attract or retain you as a customer. And that’s a good thing, because a bonus:

Allows experiencing a kickstart and starting playing immediately with an extra amount.
Is a token of the online casino’s appreciation for its most important part: its customers.
Makes the choice for a certain casino much easier, because the amount of the bonus is often the deciding factor.



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18+ T&C apply

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