Bonuses for casino cashback

With cashback bonuses, online casinos do everything they can to get people to sign up and keep them coming back.

Cashback bonuses have become more and more popular, and many players take advantage of them to play with a lower risk.

On this page, we’ve selected only the top-rated casinos with cashback bonuses available in New Zealand for you.

And that’s not all. Here you will also find all the information you need to know about these types of bonuses and tips on how to use them to your advantage.

What are casino cashback bonuses?

Playing at online casinos involves both winning and losing. Cashback casino bonuses are there to ensure that gamers don’t suffer a total loss on meaningless bets.

A cashback bonus is therefore a part of the money (real money or bonus money) that gamblers get back when losing bets.

Playing on a cashback bonus site is like playing with a reduced risk. There is nothing to lose by participating in these promotions. Technically, you’ve already wagered, and all you’re looking for is a percentage refund of the lost amount.

There are no monetary requirements, except for special cashback offers for a special group of players, such as the VIP, in which case players must meet certain conditions to join the VIP club.

You should read the terms and conditions before you try to get a cashback deal.

The T & C section talks about things like whether you can get a bonus, what games count, and how much you can get.

Best cashback casinos

PlayOjo – Up to 30% cashback on all deposits!

RoyalPanda – Get an extra 5% on all deposits!

Every week, offers a 10% cashback.

Vegas Lounge – 50% cashback (no wagering) + new cashback deal every day!

Payouts and cashback at casinos

How much is your cashback money?

How much you get back depends on the percentage offered by the casino. Percentage refunds are usually somewhere between 5% and 25% of a given portion of losses.

These losses can be determined by the casino weekly, daily, monthly or otherwise.

If you get a cashback bonus, how much you get back is shown in the three scenarios below.

You play at a casino that offers 5% cashback, and you spend up to $100 on a designated game. $100 would be your net loss if you didn’t win anything at the casino. You will receive 5% of the $100 wagered, so your account will show plus a $5 cashback bonus.

 You play at a casino that offers a cashback bonus of 5% on the total loss at the end of the day. You bet $200, and your day ends with $400 in your account. This means that you have made a profit, so you will not receive a dime from this cashback offer.

 You take up a 25% cashback offer up to a maximum of $50, and you lose $300 on your bets. The maximum refund you receive will peak at $50 because your losses have crossed the refund threshold.

The Advantages of Cashback Casino Bonuses

There are many reasons why you should play at an online casino in New Zealand that offers cashback. These reasons have to do with the benefits you get when you claim your bonus at these casinos.

This is why cashback bonuses come in handy at online casinos: You

get real or bonus money for free with no strings attached.

You play with a reduced risk. Cashbacks are a form of total loss hedging.

You cut off a piece of the casino’s house edge and swing it your way.

It’s explained as follows:Cashback, Free Spins, and Deposit Bonuses

For starters, these are all bonus types. The difference, however, is the context in which these bonuses are offered. A cash bonus is a refund of bets lost over a specified period of time.

Deposit bonuses, on the other hand, are bonus offers that are specified as a match on a particular deposit amount, while the free spins bonus is a free spin session offered by casinos on a particular slot.

In terms of wagering requirements, cash back bonuses have a meagre set of requirements while deposit bonuses have a lot more of them. Free spins are no-money bonus offers where gamblers are given the chance to earn real money at no cost per spin.

The wagering requirements for cashback bonuses vary from casino to casino. These requirements can sometimes be as low as wagering only the credited bonus.

However, other casinos can even increase them up to 10 times, although the turnover requirements are much lower than those for deposit bonuses. 

Cashback Casino FAQ: What

is a Cashback Bonus?

A cashback bonus is a refund that players receive for the gambling losses incurred within a certain time frame. The amount that was paid out is shown as a percentage of the total losses up to a certain point.

How do I claim my cashback bonus?

Most NZ casinos run cashback programmes through promo codes. These codes are available on official casino sites, so you can grab one as soon as you sign up.

How do I qualify for a cashback bonus?

Regular cashback offers don’t have heavy demands. Some are generally available once you have signed up to the casino, while others may require you to apply to be considered. Special cashback offers aimed at a particular group of players, such as VIPs, have a set of requirements that are provided at the discretion of casino operators. Relevant provisions are often well explained on the casino’s promo page.